Prices & Registration

The festival is sold out. Thank you & save the date for 2019: January 25-27.


#db1d00 Raised €15 658 towards the €19 400 target.

This is a donation based festival.You will pay only what you can afford and what you think is fair. Why don’t we set a fixed price?

We believe folk dancing is about sharing, giving and creating a flourishing community. For years, we had people coming to Prague from different countries, with different background, different wages and different possibilities. Setting a fixed price is hardly ever fair: 50 EUR definitely means different things if you are an IT expert from Germany, family with four kids from Poland or a student from Latvia. And we would love to create a festival everyone can afford and enjoy.

That said, we still need to pay all the artists, all the venues and cover all the other expenses. With making the festival bigger and better every year, this time it’s over 18 000 EUR in total. And we need to get them from you, cent by cent. We will cover a part of the budget form the crowdfunding and merchandising, but there is still much more to go.

Don’t know, how much you should donate?

We hope to have about 200 people coming to the event. We mannaged to get already around 2000 EUR from the crowdfunding, and hope to get some more from our Extras! merchandising. So now, if everyone would pay their even share,

65 EUR

per person would be just enough. Please, consider contributing more, if you are from a rich country or just well off. And if 65 EUR is too much for you, you can definitely give less. Also, it would be nice to throw an extra dime, if you are coming for the workshops, and if you are here for the balls only, it’s fine to pay a bit less.

If you want to have an idea, how rich your country actually is, check the map of average wages in Europe.

Who don’t you sell merchandising or just make the event bigger?

We do! Actually it’s only if we get enough pre-orders on T-shirts and other rthings, we will be able to break even this year. So pleas, visit also our Extras! page, where you can get T-shirts, CDs and many other perks. Without the crowdfunding and Extras, the suggested price for the ticket would climb to 92 EUR.

As for making the festival bigger, we have thought about it. We have been sold out every time very fast. Still we believe that keeping the size reasonable is a huge part of the charm. We would still rather have a festival where you can get to dance with everyone, and really meet the people. And we hope you feel this way as well.

What happens, if we exceed the goal?

If we happen to have some extra cash in our hands, we can make the festival go in later hours, book an extra band, buy free midnight snacks for everyone and so on. Also, we might give some money to organisers for their hard work. (No, it isn’t included in the standard budget of the festival.)

What happens, if we don’t reach the goal?

The festival will take place anyway. We have tried to set up flexible rates with the artists, that were open to it. If that isn’t enough, we will cover the loss from the small reserve we have from the last year. If even that isn’t enough, we will pay it from our pocket and probably be cured forever from this hippie attitude we have.

Where is my ticket? How do I sell it?

Nowhere. And you don’t. We don’t distribute tickets, we just note your donations in the spreadsheet and give you a nice bracelet at the door. If you can’t come after all, please let us know. We will be happy to refund you.

Where is my confirmation e-mail?

If only we knew! You should get a confirmation e-mail after you make the donation. Good chance it might have landed in your spam folder. Also, some super-cautious e-mail providers decide to block our servers completely, and there isn’t much we can do about it. Still, if you have made it all the way to the donation form, your name and e-mail is in our database and you are good to go. If you are in doubt, e-mailing us wouldn’t make much sense, since we most likely won’t be able to write you back, try posting to the Facebook event instead. We check it a few times every workday.